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Airo Brands

AiroPro Cannabis Vaporizers Explained.


Airo Brands Delivered in The Bay Area

Airo Brands passionately strives to provide top-tier vapor experiences that are thoughtfully designed and accurate in their delivery. This lofty goal was forged from the teams’ realization that the e-cigarette market requires constant innovation, with close attention to detail; A passionate attitude that encourages “no detail too small” has been ingrained into their core values since its inception.

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The AiroPro Vaporizer

The AiroPro Vaporizer utilizes leading-edge technology and precision engineering to provide users with the most efficacious draw possible, setting a new standard for reliability and performance. Promising triple the vapor of comparable models, this embodiment of excellence is made up of a sturdy but lightweight ceramic atomizer coupled with an expertly constructed cellulose wicking system – guaranteeing an unmatched smoothness throughout every pull.

AiroPro – Bahama Breeze

Artisan Series Bahama Breeze is a one-of-a-kind Hybrid cartridge, that when inhaled and exhaled allows the user to experience an uplifting sensation like floating in a refreshing ocean breeze.

The succulent flavors of sweet, ripe melon and mango are all part of the exquisite sensory voyage, allowing everyone to soak up joyous sunshine just by enjoying this unique vaporizer!

AiroPro Bahama Breeze

AiroPro – Black Mamba

Divulge in a luxuriant experience, with AiroPro Black Mamba Sativa vaporizer cartridge. Allow yourself to be enraptured by the energized relief and invigorating flavor that’s created when you take a hit of this carefully crafted fusion.

Start your day off on the right foot as you inhale intricate aromas of blackberry citrus, tantalizing sweet floral notes, and hints of savory flavors – all produced from our exclusive purification process. Transform into the best version of yourself with the clean and natural cannabis oil smoke that’s delivered to your lungs courtesy of AiroPro Black Mamba Sativa vaporizer cartridge!

AiroPro Black Mamba

AiroPro – Lemon Jack

AiroPro Lemon Jack is the perfect accompaniment to fill your day with both energy and focus. This Sativa blend of terpenes provides cleansing, earthy lemon notes that will give you a spirited boost on days where tackling creative tasks seem to require extra push.

Inhale its invigorating citrus odour, exhale as it supplies you with an initial revitalizing sensation before settling into a steady stream of cognitive clarity and stamina—allowing you to power through the most testing jobs effortlessly.

AiroPro Lemon Jack

AiroPro – Mystical Melody

As you partake in the mystifying gustatory pleasure of AiroPro Mystical Melody, celebrate and express your gifted abilities with elocution, charisma, and creative flair; cherish this combination of raspberry, lime and tangerine as it illuminates a unique aura.

AiroPro Mystical Melody

Airopro – Purple Afghani

Unwind and experience an abundant feeling of joy with AiroPro Purple Afghani vape pod. A lofty combination of two Indica varieties – Afghani and Purple Kush – this cannabis is sure to take you on trip of giggles and comfort in your own skin. With each draw, enjoy a flavor that tantalizes the senses, featuring woody earthiness highlighted by sweet fruity undertones provided by the limonene terpene.

Once all is said and done, let out a content exhale with genuine satisfaction quivering on your lips as you sink into peaceful harmony simply from taking some quality time to soothe yourself.

AiroPro Purple Afghani

AiroPro – Watermelon Sherbet

Sink into a delightful and memorable full-body experience with the flavor of AiroPro Watermelon Sherbet Vape Cartridge. This Indica-dominant strain creates a cozy sense of relaxation and euphoria, perfect for relieving stress after an exhausting day.

With every draw of this captivating blend, you’ll be invigorated by its earthy sweetness while your senses rejoice in the fruity terpenes Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Beta-Myrcene. When you exhale, feel yourself drift in tranquil bliss as powerful warmth comforts your worry away and the air is filled with radiant aromas.

AiroPro Watermelon Sherbet