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One of the most renowned and highly regarded edible brands in Southern California is KushyPunch. They have garnered several accolades and are well known for their full-spectrum gummies, which are incredibly popular among both medical and recreational users throughout California.

KushyPunch has built a solid reputation by consistently providing consumers with a complete and satisfying body experience.

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KushyPunch Gummies

If you’re a fan of cannabis edibles, then you’ve definitely heard of the OG cannabis gummy: KushyPunch! This beloved brand has been around for quite some time and is known for its wide variety of delicious gummies that provide an easy and enjoyable way to medicate.

From classic fruit flavors to inventive creations like Peach Passion Fruit, These gummies are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth while also delivering reliable dosage of cannabis. Kushy Punch Gummies come in eleven different flavorful options. Each option contains up to 10mg of THC with 10 pieces per package so that users can easily customize their dosage. The great thing about KushyPunch gummies is that they pack in their cannabis extract with Full-Spectrum concentrates from the top growers in the state!

If you’re looking for a mouth-watering experience that also delivers results reliably every time go no further than Kushy Punch Gummies – The OG Cannabis Gummy! You won’t be disappointed by this trusted brand’s high-quality products designed with medicated consumers in mind.

Indica Watermelon

Total THC: 100mg

KushyPunch Indica Watermelon 100mg Cannabis gummies are a delicious and discreet way to enjoy cannabis. They provide powerful relief with an optimal blend of Indica-dominant cannabis extract delivering unparalleled relaxation.

Each bite-sized piece contains 10mg THC, providing hours of calming effects – all perfectly encapsulated in a sweet watermelon flavor!

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Kushy Punch Indica Watermelon

Sativa Strawberry

Total THC: 100mg

These Sativa Strawberry KushyPunch Cannabis Gummies are a deliciously flavored cannabis-infused treat. They feature an evenly balanced blend of Sativa cannabis strains to offer consumers a manageable dose with stimulating effects that will give you just enough energy to get through your day while helping you stay relaxed.

Each gummy contains precisely measured amounts of THC for maximum efficacy. The sweet strawberry flavor makes these gummies an enjoyable medicating option for those who want their cannabis in an easy-to-consume form.

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Kushy Punch Sativa Strawberry

Hybrid Blue Raspberry

Total THC: 100mg

These tasty treats come in the classic blue raspberry flavor, with a hint of sweetness that won’t overpower your taste buds. Additionally, they each contain an even balance of THC making them perfect for those looking to feel relaxed while still staying productive throughout their day.

Each pack comes with 10 individually-dosed gummies containing 10mg THC each so you can customize your dosage as needed without worrying about overdoing it. Whether you’re using them medicinally or recreationally, Hybrid Blue Raspberry KushyPunch 100mg Cannabis Gummies are sure to give you the calming effects expected from this strain!

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Kushy Punch Blue Raspberry

Recovery 2:1 Blueberry

Total THC: 60mg
Total CBD: 30mg

Recovery 2:1 Blueberry KushyPunch Cannabis Gummies are a delicious, guilt-free way to blend the therapeutic benefit of cannabis with a yummy snack. Each piece is infused with 6mg THC and 3mg CBD for a balanced calming effect.

These perfectly measured treats provide maximum potency without any waste or loss of quality, making them an excellent choice for those seeking relief in more efficient methods than smoking or vaping.

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Kushy Punch Blueberry

Private Reserve Lemonade

Total THC: 100mg

KushyPunch’s Private Reserve Lemonade combines the refreshing sweet and sour tastes of a classic lemonade with the relaxation-inducing effects of cannabis. Made from premium quality THC extract, these 10mg gummies offer long-lasting effects in a small treat.

Each bite brings a tart sweetness that slowly transitions into a soothing warmth as you’re hit with an herbal bouquet emitted by Kushy Punch’s exclusive strain blend. Enjoy your favorite sweet beverage while gently elevating your mood in this delicious melt-in-your-mouth cannabis gummy experience!

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Kushypunch Lemonade

Jab Jab Hook Peach Passion Fruit

Total THC: 100mg

Jab Jab Hook Peach Passion Fruit Gummies are a delicious and easy way to enjoy an amazing cannabis experience. The peach passionfruit flavors make for a truly unique taste, while the THC-infused gummy has precisely calibrated dosages of 10mg THC per infused piece.

Discreet and convenient, these KushyPunch Cannabis Gummies provide long-lasting relaxation that makes it perfect for getting through tough days or winding down in the evening. Enjoy responsibly!

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Kushypunch Jab Jab Hook Peach Passion Fruit

Uppercut Strawberry Basil

Total THC: 100mg

Uppercut Strawberry Basil Gummies is a delicious treat infused with full-spectrum cannabis extract. Each gummy is packed with 10mg of THC, delivering a reliable, consistent experience guaranteed to put you in the right state of mind.

The perfect therapeutic combination between strawberry taste & sweet basil aroma makes these edibles an exceptionally refreshing experience. Delightfully chewy yet easily devoured before you know it! Indulge yourself and enjoy the flavorful Uppercut Strawberry Basil while being fully aware that your day will be lifted by its calming effects.

So take a break from reality and enjoy discreetly wherever life takes you – grab now this fruity treat for an unforgettable result!

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Kushypunch Strawberry Basil

Haymaker Meyer Lemon

Total THC: 100mg

Haymaker Meyer Lemon is a premium 10mg KushyPunch cannabis gummy that offers an herbal, fruity flavor with a gentle lemon aroma. The carefully crafted combination of cannabis extracts delivers consistent fast-acting relief for users seeking to experience cannabis edibles in a flavorful way.

Perfectly dosed in single servings in packs containing 10 tasty gummies makes Haymaker Meyer Lemon one enjoyable way to experience the benefits of marijuana-infused edibles!

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Kushy Punch Haymaker Meyer Lemon

TKO Lime

Total THC: 100mg

TKO Lime – 100mg KushyPunch Cannabis Gummies are a delicious and discreet way to enjoy cannabis. Each bite-sized gummy is infused with full-spectrum THC oil, offering a reliable experience with precise dosing of approximately 10mg per piece.

Enjoy the sweet succulent flavor of lime combined with the quality kushy punch cannabis extract for an enjoyable snack that fits comfortably into your daily routine. Go ahead – give in to temptation by trying one of these unique treats today!

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Kushypunch TKO Lime

Sugar-Free (Indica) Watermelon

Total THC: 100mg

Experience the smooth and fruity taste of Sugar-Free KushyPunch Watermelon gummies. Infused with premium cannabis concentrates, these tasty treats will deliver a potent dose of relaxation for mellow body effects. Perfect for winding down after a long day, these low-calorie and delicious gummies are a great way to ease stress or simply enjoy an evening in.

Each pouch contains 10 soft and chewy edible pieces that make it easy to measure out your desired amount. Try this convenient grab-and-go solution today for an enjoyable experience anytime you need some extra headspace.

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Kushpunch Sugar Free Watermelon

Sugar-Free (Sativa) Lychee

Total THC: 100mg

KushyPunch’s Sugar-Free (Sativa) Lychee Gummies are the perfect edibles for any cannabis enthusiast. Bursting with tropical lychee flavor, these gummies provide a natural and delicious way to get your dose of cannabinoid goodness.

Their fast-acting effects make these gummies perfect for both recreational and medical consumers. Enjoy this guilt-free snack without worrying about any sugar – just powerful Sativa Lychee goodness!

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Kushpunch sugar free lychee gummies