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Mendo Dope Farms

One of the top cannabis farms in California.

Mendo Dope Farms

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Mendo Dope Farms, founded by brothers Old E and Bleezy, is a family-owned company located in the Emerald Triangle. With a strong passion for the cannabis plant, they have been growing for the past decade and take pride in their work. Using unique genetics and teaming up with nature, Mendo Dope Farms cultivates their award-winning flowers under the sun, moon, and stars. Their goal is to provide the world with natural and clean medicine.

As a testament to their expertise, they have gained 100k subscribers on YouTube and amassed over 32 million views on their grow documentaries and on-the-road footage. Mendo Dope Farms also offers educational resources on cannabis cultivation, with their “How to Grow Mendo Dope” DVD series, including their latest release “No-Till Revolution,” which teaches viewers step by step how to build a living soil and grow some of the best cannabis in the world.

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Unique Genetics Grown With passion

Mendo Dope Farms is located in the renowned Emerald Triangle in Northern California, where they breed their unique strains using the finest hand-selected genetics. These strains are specifically crafted for connoisseur growers and smokers, focusing on flavor, resin, and high terpene production. Mendo Dope Farms has a vast catalog of winners, created in collaboration with legendary breeder Subcool.

With options like Grape Agate, Mendo Manzana, Skunk Tail, and more, growers around the world are sure to find a strain they love. Each strain has its own distinct flavor and effects, making them perfect for both daytime and nighttime use. Whether you’re looking for fruity, creamy, or skunky flavors, Mendo Dope Farms has something for everyone.

Sun Grown Cannabis

Mendo Dope Farms is known for growing some of the best outdoor cannabis in the world. Their flowers are grown with love and they even breed their own genetics.

They pride themselves on teaming up with nature to produce high-quality sun-grown flowers. Some of their popular strains include Headies, Lemon Drip, and Grease Monkey. If you’re looking for clean and natural cannabis, you can order your box of Mendo Dope flowers from Emerald City Distribution.

Mendo Dope Sun Grown Cannabis