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Nasha Hash

Chemical-free hash made by hash lovers for hash lovers.


Nasha hash Delivered in The Bay Area

Nasha, born in the mountains of Humboldt County with a connection to Indian hash-making culture, produces high-quality, solventless hash using traditional techniques and state-of-the-art machinery. The company’s founder, after studying the origins of Hashish in India, collaborated with top craft cannabis farms in California’s Golden Triangle to bring back his knowledge and passion.

Nasha prioritizes using pure mountain water to gently harvest intact trichomes, resulting in high potency, terpene-rich hash without any chemicals. They strive to deliver the best quality concentrate at an affordable price, while also supporting local farmers and promoting the unique resin quality of Humboldt, CA through strong relationships with growers.

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cold-water hash-based products by Nasha

Nasha prides itself on producing cold-water hash through natural methods using resin-rich cannabis, pure mountain water, and ice. They strictly avoid the use of solvents and contaminants, ensuring clean and potent hash. Their process begins by submerging the cannabis plant in ice-cold water, causing the trichome head and stalk to become brittle. Gentle agitation then separates the trichome head from the cannabis plant, which is carried by the water through a series of filters.

The separated resin glands are carefully removed from the filters and placed in state-of-the-art drying equipment. Drying is done at low temperatures to minimize terpene loss and maintain low water activity levels, resulting in a smooth and memorable smoking experience. This company also utilizes small-batch, craft, locally-sourced cannabis to ensure quality control and highlight the flower profile in their hash.

Each crop is curated and followed throughout its lifecycle to maximize its potential. They carefully select the best genetics to produce flavorful and natural concentrates. All of their products are subjected to lab testing to ensure purity, cleanliness, and potency.

Unpressed Hash

Nasha Unpressed hash is a loose and granular resin that resembles sand in texture. It has the tendency to melt and clump together if exposed to room temperature.

This versatile hash can be effortlessly sprinkled onto bowls or joints, providing an added boost to your regular routine. Its crumbly nature makes it easy to handle, but storing it in a cool and dry place is crucial.

Nasha Unpressed hash offers a convenient option to elevate your cannabis experience with its unique consistency and the ability to enhance both flavor and potency.

Nasha Unpressed hash

pressed Hash

Nasha pressed hash is created with the utmost precision and dedication. Starting with raw resin, a meticulous process applies heat and pressure to bind the crystal heads, resulting in a perfectly uniform and cohesive form.

Each 1g temple ball is then hand-rolled with immense care and infused with love. Whether you prefer to break it up and mix it into joints or bowls, or opt for the classic hash pipe, chillums, or health stones, Nasha pressed hash promises a smooth smoke and an exceptional flavor.

Prepare to embark on a euphoric journey with each puff, as the exhilarating highs it delivers are nothing short of extraordinary.

Pressed hash

Cold Cure Live Rosin

At Nasha, they pride themselves on utilizing the whole plant fresh frozen cannabis to craft our exceptional hash products. Their process begins by carefully selecting the finest quality cannabis, capturing its potency and aroma at their peak.

Using a precise technique, they press this meticulously chosen cannabis into their signature live rosin, unlocking the full spectrum of beneficial compounds. To ensure a remarkable experience, they take the extra step of curing their live rosin to achieve a flavorful wet badder consistency, allowing you to indulge in a truly immersive and rich sensory encounter.

Cold Cure Live Rosin

Live & Cured Rosin Vapes

Introducing Nasha Live & Cured Rosin Vapes, designed to capture the essence of the “Hash Smoking Experience” in a convenient vapor form. These vapes are crafted using carefully selected whole cannabis plants that are rich in flavor and resin.

The process begins by creating a Signature cold-water hash, followed by applying heat and pressure to transform the hash into a vape-able oil. The result is a vape cartridge that delivers a fresh, flavorful, and fragrant vapor experience, reminiscent of the aroma present on the day of harvest in the cannabis field.

With options for both Live Rosin and Cured Rosin, Nasha offers a range of options to cater to different preferences. Whether you prefer a vibrant, aromatic experience or a rich and smooth vapor, Nasha Live & Cured Rosin Vapes provide a unique and satisfying vaping experience.

Live & Cured Rosin Vapes