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Spliffin Cannabis

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Spliffin, established in 2014, is a renowned extract company that has revolutionized the cannabis industry. Even before cannabis became recreationally legal, Spliffin was at the forefront, transforming the way cannabis was manufactured, consumed, and marketed. Originally marketed as a lifestyle brand, Spliffin has influenced numerous cannabis companies and continues to lead by example.

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One of California’s Legacy brands

Although many are unaware, the company’s roots lie in breeding and testing cannabis varieties. Over time, Spliffin has amassed libraries of terpene profiles, which are now used by labs to mimic and create unique cannabis products. Breeding plays a significant role in the company’s story and will continue to be the backbone and focal point of its operations.

Today, Spliffin is widely regarded as one of the few true legacy brands in California that is dedicated to the ongoing development of cannabis flowers, oils, and other products through continuous breeding and innovation. With nine years of experience in the game, Spliffin remains a trailblazer in the industry, constantly pushing boundaries and setting new standards.

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Spliffin Cannabis Flower

Dante’s Fire is a potent and uniquely bred Indica strain that stands out with its purple tones, shiny resin glands, and exquisite bag appeal. It boasts a more developed nose with hints of coffee and a floral aroma, making it a standout among other OG strains.

Spliffin OG is another powerful strain known for its potency and classic OG smell, consistently testing above 30 percent in cannabinoids.

Rosie, a cross between Spliffin OG and Dante’s Fire, is praised for being the most robust and visually stunning flower in Spliffin’s genetics library, with deep purple hues and orange hairs.

Dante’s Cake, the most cannabinoid-rich strain in the library, combines the classic aromas of Spliffin OG with hints of glue, offering a unique and boutique experience for cannabis enthusiasts with a higher tolerance.

Spliffin Cannabis Flower

Spliffin Vapes

The Spliffin line of vape pens offers a variety of signature varietals that cater to different preferences and effects.

Dante’s Fire is a potent indica strain with a distinct earthy aroma and relaxing effects.

Tangie is a popular sativa strain with a refreshing tangerine aroma and euphoric yet relaxed effects.

Spliffin OG is a proprietary indica strain that combines the desirable OG aroma with sweet floral undertones, known for its stress-relieving and sleep-enhancing properties.

Snozzberry is a sweet indica hybrid that can alleviate pain and is great for daytime and evening use.

Pineapple Haze is a mostly sativa strain with tropical aromas and a creative and energetic spark.

Spliffin Cannabis Vapes