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Yummi Karma

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Yummi Karma

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The saga of two sisters became an exercise in experimentation after mom couldn’t slumber. In a bid to help her find rest, they explored the powers of cannabis and concocted tasty tinctures that could make all the difference. Nothing else seemed to work, but this sure did. Not only was she able to experience good nights without medication, but it was so delicious that she seemed almost oblivious that it contained weed!

It became Yummi Karma‘s most cherished product ‘Drift Away’ inspiring them onwards as they created California’s first line of cannabis-fuelled tinctures tailored for well-being outcomes like High Dose Drops coupled with delightful flavors and microdosed formulas. Not forgetting their new venture too; High Gorgeous brings skincare formulations powered by cannabis into play. Here’s to more enjoyable sleep!

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About Yummi Karma Cannabis Ratio Tinctures

Each tincture is formulated with a carefully selected combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other botanical ingredients to create specific effects and flavors. Yummi Karma offers a range of tincture options to suit different needs and preferences, including those focused on pain relief, relaxation, energy, and sleep.

The tinctures are easy to use and can be taken directly under the tongue, added to beverages, or incorporated into recipes. They come in a variety of strengths, allowing users to customize their dosage based on their individual needs.

Watermelon 1:1

This balanced mix of THC and CBD helps even out the “glass half full”. Get yourself in a positive state of mind with this sweet, NICE MELON blend!

With equal parts CBD and THC, you can reach equilibrium on your journey between body and mind, work life balance, ups and downs.

Bottle contains: 1000 mg CBD : 1000 mg THC
Serving (1ml) contains: 33 mg CBD : 33 mg THC

Yummi Karma Watermelon 1:1

Cloud Nine 4:1

This tincture, specially formulated to promote both mental and physical well-being, contains a combination of 240mg CBD and 60mg THC in a MCT oil base, lightly sweetened for extra enjoyment.

Bottle contains: 240 mg CBD : 60 mg THC
Serving (1ml) contains: 8 mg CBD : 2mg THC

Cloud Nine Yummi Karma Tinctures

High Spirits 30:1

This tincture combines the power of CBD and THC in a balanced 20:1 ratio, specially designed with veterans’ mental wellbeing in mind.

This blend comes lightly sweetened and infused with 300mg of CBD and 15mg of THC in a nutritious MCT oil base. Boost high or low spirits with this Mind + Body Wellness Tincture!

Bottle contains: 300 mg CBD : 15 mg THC
Serving (1ml) contains: 10 mg CBD : 0.5 mg THC

Yummi Karma High Spirits

Just Peachy 30:1

Find natural satisfaction with this blend of 1000 mg CBD + 30 mg THC. Perfectly balanced at a ratio of 30:1, this healthy MCT oil-based tincture offers combo support for a more relaxed day – and it’s got an awesome peachy flavor you’ll love.

Bottle contains: 300 mg CBD : 15 mg THC
Serving (1ml) contains: 10 mg CBD : 0.5 mg THC

Yummi Karma Just Peachy

Perfect Pair 1:1

This tonic-like elixir provides a healthy combination of CBD and THC to help you channel your best self. A 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC assists with challenging moments, while the mild sweetness balances out this calming tincture that’s boosted with 150 mg each of both cannabinoids in an energizing MCT oil base.

Discover your serenity as Mind + Body Wellness Tincture brings forth more positive vibes every time!

Bottle contains: 150 mg CBD : 150 mg THC
Serving (1ml) contains: 5 mg CBD : 5 mg THC

Yummi Karma Perfect Pair

Strawberry 4:1

Experience a soothing, anxiety-reducing blend of 1000 mg CBD and 250 mg THC in one unique tincture. This 4:1 CBD to THC ratio is housed within a delicious MCT oil base, offering sweet natural flavor and gentle effects that can help bring you lasting peace of mind.

Bottle contains: 1000 mg CBD : 250 mg THC
Serving (1ml) contains: 33 mg CBD : 8 mg THC

Yummi Karma Strawberry